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Gymnastics for primary school aged children in Prep - Grade 3

Age: 5+ years (Prep +)

Class Length: 1 - 1.5 hours

Our EduGym programs cater for primary school aged children in Prep - Grade 3. Participants of all abilities use a variety of gymnastics apparatus and training aides to advance through skills and progressions carefully curated by our coaches. Each class focuses on the development of both physical and social skills, allowing each child to reach their full potential as a person and gymnast.


EduGym classes are split based on age so all participants can form social bonds within their group. 


EduGym Level 1:  participants in Prep/Foundation, aged 5-6 years (attending school)


EduGym Level 2: participants in Grade 1, aged 6-7 years 


EduGym Level 3: participants in Grade 2, aged 7-8 years 


EduGym Level 4: participants in Grade 3, aged 8-9 years

EduGym Level 5 (1.5 hours): participants in Grade 5, aged 9-10 years

EduGym Level 6+ (1.5 hours): participants in Grade 6+ 

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